Student Owned Chromebooks and Testing


Please include me on any text you would send to either your assigned building principal or Mrs Huffman when you are reporting/having issues with testing or Chromebooks in your classrooms.  

Eric Griffith 937.206.70005

  • I will follow up with a support ticket on any issue involving a specific student's device; our goal is to not have the issue happen again so we need to document it and get it resolved as soon as possible.  We will collect the device after testing and run diagnostics on it to ensure it is ready to go.

  • I have several spare Chromebooks ready to go in the event that one is needed as a replacement, however as a reminder, the Chromeboxes in the rear of the classrooms can be used as testing devices, they are still Chrome devices, just with different screens, mice and keyboards.  Lastly your assigned Chromebook can also be used as a testing device as needed.

Here are a few tips that should help when having issues with Chromebooks in the classroom:

  • Reboot the device, often students close the lid of their Chromebooks when they are finished using it, never really giving it the opportunity to reboot and update. You can either press and hold the power button in the upper right corner of the keyboard until the device powers off, or if the student is logged locate the time and click power and then shut down.
    Inline image 2

  • Make sure it is up to date, when logged in if the device has an arrow pointing up next to the time then an update is required.  
    Simply click update and the device will reboot and you are good to go.

    Inline image 1  

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