Staff, Please Read:

In years past, the technology department has required you to complete a form providing us with an inventory and informing us of the status of the technology in your assigned classroom.  Those past years of your valued input have allowed us to build a more accurate checklist and be proactive in our summer maintenance, meaning we have seen an incredible decrease in classroom technology in need or repair.  This means your "building level check out sheet" will not include any form or survey from the technology department going forward.

The technology department has developed an internal checklist of classroom equipment that we clean and confirm is in good working order prior to the start of the next school year, and starting the day after the last day of school for teachers, we start that list.  That being said, if you know that there is something not working in your classroom you should email and report it. All technology will be back in the classroom and confirmed working by August 1st or sooner pending the building cleaning schedule provided by maintenance.  If you plan to work in the building over the summer please contact maintenance and let them know in order to ensure that your assigned classroom is cleaned sooner rather than later.

As for any portable district assigned classroom equipment, such as IPEVO document cameras, wireless keyboards, remote presenters, webcams, etc, please store that securely in your classroom over the summer.


Feel free to take the district assigned Chromebook home over the summer and use it as needed.  There is a slight chance that the new Chromebooks and the colors that you have selected will be in and ready on the last day of school for you, and if that is the case, we will email you again and make arrangements to swap them.  As you may know, as part of the district's technology replacement cycle, every two years staff Chromebooks are upgraded and the previously loved Chromebooks from the staff populate the Chromebook carts for students.

I have been asked about a summer recycling date for personal technology and that has been canceled for this summer, we do not have enough to recycle and the turnout over the last three years has decreased.  We do have to dispose of some tech items this year and we will be delivering those items to either Urbana's recycling day or Mechanicsburg's whichever comes first, please check the local paper for more information if you have the need.  

Lastly, I sent out a form about removing the student computers in the classroom early in order to give teachers more time to clean, if you selected no need to remove my computers we need to do regardless in order to ensure that maintenance has time to wipe down the back cabinet.

Hopefully, I have answered all the questions that you have, but if you have more please email 

Thanks for a great year.